Electrician Tool Kit
0155-25A - Tape Measure

25' Tape Measure

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Description: • Compact housing fits easily in the hand and pouch.
• Easy to use Click Lock holds tape securely without moving the blade.
• Tough ABS case is over-molded with TPR for added protection.
• Stainless steel side panels.
• Double sided tape with double foot can be read from above or below.
• Rigid 1" wide blade on all models.
• Abrasion resistant nylon coated hardened steel blade.
• Four rivets on foot resist pull-off, adjust for inside and outside readings.
• 16" and 19.2" stud markings.
• 0155-7MA only contains a dual unit blade has metric and English units.
Keywords: Tape Measure
Specifications: Tape Width: 1" (25.4mm)
Tape Length: 25' (7.5m)
Scale: English
Weight: .89 lbs. (.40g)
Max. Standout: 8' (2.5m)
UPC No.: 12479
Cat No.: 0155-25A
Brand: Greenlee