Electrician Tool Kit
0451-10M - Pump Pliers

10" Pump Pliers

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• Slip-proof, ergonomic molded grip for increased comfort and reduced user fatigue.
• Wider grip design provides larger load bearing areas.
• Precision-machined and through-hardened for consistent performance and longer life.
• Right-angled teeth for gripping in both directions.
• Riveted process ensures joint integrity.
• Exceeds ASME/ANSI specifications.
• Lifetime limited warranty.
• Note: This is not an insulated tool.
Pump Pliers 10" molded grip
Overall Length: 10"(25.4 cm) Weight: .83 lbs(.38 kg) Adjustment Groves: 7 Jaw Capacity: 2"(5.1 cm)
UPC No.: 54709
Cat No.: 0451-10M
Brand: Greenlee