Electrician Tool Kit
1955 - Wire Stripper

Pro Plus Wire Stripper # 10-18awg

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Description: Strips the outer jacket off both solid and stranded wire.
Machined stripping stations with a positive stop provide precise stripping diameters.
Ergonomically designed, extra-long cushioned handles add superior comfort and reduce hand fatigue.
Long curved cutter blades reduce force required by 25% and can cut NM in a single cut.
Lock tab protects cutting edges during storage.
Pliers nose for working with small nuts and pulling wire.
Hole in jaws for looping wires.
Opening stop prevents spring from disengaging.
Easy-to-read graphics.
Cuts screws.
Keywords: Pro Plus Wire Stripper
Specifications: Strips 10-18 AWG solid, 12-20 AWG stranded
Cuts #6-32 and #8-32 screws
Length: 7-1/4" (184 mm).
UPC No.: 06857
Cat No.: 1955